Celebrate Your Passion!

Amelia Winners 2012

Amelia Winners 2012

Check out this family in the photo. They had just won an award at the Amelia Island Concours, and they were driving to the judges stand to receive their trophy.

They piled onto their family project like it was a San Francisco trolley and celebrated their passion for restoring this classic car. What a team!

Passion Is Important

Life is a wonderful gift, and using it wisely requires lifelong focus. One thing that helps greatly is passion.

Everyone loves babies, whether they are baby lions, the puppy down the street, or
Cousin Suzy’s newest child, 10 months old and just started walking. Oh, and did she
just say “Daddy?”

A baby is filled with energy, curiosity, and a passion for life. Passion is a survival
mechanism for babies, but so too for adults.

Adults without passion, without something to invest their energy and interest in are
dead in the water. Passion is important: it’s what gets us through life, happy and
healthy. It puts a smile on our face, a wink in our eye, a swagger in our step.

Celebrating Passion

Some of the world’s greatest visual artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, died broke.
They were obscure and under-funded. Contemporaries did not understand them,
nor did they respect their work. Several of these artists suffered from disease and
deprivation. But, did it stop them?

No. They were passionate about what they saw, and they painted or sculpted about
their vision. They were excited about what they did, and it was only a matter of time
before others would appreciate it too.

Sometimes the passion in their work got other people’s attention only after the
artist was dead and gone. Nevertheless, they were recognized for their art, admired
for their skill and dedication, sold into collections and displayed in museums.

We celebrate that passion when we visit their art, attend lectures on their work,
share our feelings with our friends about what we saw and felt. We visit the artist’s
home studio, buy tee shirts and coffee mugs with their art on them, hang posters of
their works in our homes. We can’t afford the original – but hey, we’re making our
homes prettier with their art. We’re celebrating their passion!

Passion Sells

Passion is a great people magnet because it is palpable. It’s all about emotion. Great
art just rivets you on the spot. You either get it or you don’t – it’s all about your
reaction to it.

Great music is passionate and full of emotion – you either love it because it plucks
your heart strings, or you switch channels to something else because it just doesn’t
get it for you.

Passionate people draw others into their world. Whether it’s the effusive
cheerleader who gets you to cheer for the home team. Or the juggler at the fair who
tells great jokes as he gets you to balance plates on poles, while the crowd laughs at
your feeble attempts. And you laugh too.

Passion sells like nothing else because it is canned energy. Great paintings brush in
their master’s passion. Great music inhabits special places in one’s heart. Passionate
writing grips readers’ minds and holds their attention like superglue.

Celebrating Is Important

Passion is the energy food for a long and healthy life. Passion is a life force that
enriches whomever it encounters. So why not share it?

Passion is social glue that binds us all in wonderment. When we celebrate
something we are passionate about, it draws other people in and energizes them
too. Celebrating our passions connects us to others. It’s a win-win; why not share it?

I’m passionate about classic cars and restoring them. Going to Amelia Island each
year makes me realize how many others share this passion with me. It’s like a red
thread that passes through all of us, binding us together. Each year that I go, I make
at least five new friends.

Watching those kids on the running board of their family car energized the heck out
of me and drew cheers and applause from thousands gathered at Amelia. We were
all celebrating their passion, and they were too.

So: what are you passionate about? And: have you celebrated it lately?

C’mon, now – don’t be shy! Energize us with your passion!